Sweet’n’Salty Cheese

01 Sweet'n'Salty Cheese

Sweet'n'Salty Cheese

If you like cheese, then you must try this recipe. It combines the creamy taste of camembert and goat cheese, crunchy nuts, sweet marmalade or honey and of course the salty algae. On top of this taste adventure this dish is really simple and quickly done and has a lot of potential for individual modification.


  • 60 g cashews
  • Goat cheese and camembert (with goat cheese) in blocks
  • A handful of mixed dried berries
  • Red algae flakes
  • 1 ts of honey or marmalade
  • Chlorella powder
  • Crunchies (almonds)
  • Olive oil

Crush the cashews to little tiny pieces. Put the cheese blocks on two oven safe plates and add the crushed cashews on top of the cheese. Add the mixed dried berries and some of the red algae flakes on top of the cashews. Add a ts of honey or marmalade on top. Add a little chlorella powder on top.
Put the two blocks of cheese into the oven for five minutes at 200 degrees.
For decoration, add some olive oil with chlorella seaweed in a circle around the cheese and add some crunchies.